PeuterFonds charity appeals for help to celebrate 10th aniversary

13 Mar 2018
Author: EFTTA

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A former EFTTEX nominated charity is appealing for help to enable it to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style.


The PeuterFonds Foundation was the selected recipient of tackle donations from EFTTEX exhibitors during the 2016 event in Amsterdam. The charity for children with disabilities and health problems, says that the generosity of companies helped it enjoy its last two annual fishing days.


A spokesperson said: "We want to thank the EFTTEX organisation and all exhibitors for their generosity. Much of the donated tackle and bait was used during these sport fishing events and this allowed us to save on direct costs and spend the money saved on improving the quality of the days and safety."


This year PeuterFonds celebrates a decade since its formation and is planning a grand event that will see all children, volunteers and sponsors who have been involved with the organisation during that time invited.


"Almost 900 children have experienced a fantastic day of fishing and the aim is to reach 1,000 this year. That would be a true milestone," added the spokesperson.


"We would like to appeal to the generosity of the EFTTA organisation and its members to either donate money or fishing tackle. Many of our rods and reels need to be replaced. Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated."


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