New luxury hotel designer chairs with 2.2 tons of plastic waste

12 Mar 2020
Author: Ditte Lunde

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Villa Copenhagen's new conference chairs are made from plastic waste from the sea. It is not immediately visible, but this chair is made of plastic waste from the world seas.

The one's waste is the other's gold.

The Danish furniture company Mater and Copenhagen's new luxury hotel Villa Copenhagen are all about it, and they have had a lot of garbage to take care of.

For, according to the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP, more than 8 million tons of plastic waste are discharged into the oceans every year.

Plastic in the sea is thus a widespread problem, and this has led furniture manufacturer Mater and Villa Copenhagen to develop the chair 'Nova Sea'.

Namely, 2.2 tonnes of plastic waste has gone from the seas to 800 Nova Sea chairs.

The Nova Sea chair was developed in collaboration with Plastix and Letbæk Plast and designed by the Danish design studio ARDE.

The shell of the chairs is made of 96% of disposed fishing nets, which is a major threat to the marine environment.

Saves CO2
For every kilo of plastic waste that is recycled, the globe is spared for 1.7 kilos of CO2 compared to the production of, for example, new plastic. This is what the two partners write in a press release.

According to the Nova Sea chair, Mater and Villa Copenhagen have themselves contributed to minimizing the climate impact by more than 3.7 tonnes of CO2.

With their chairs and focus on sustainable interiors, Villa Copenhagen wants to help inspire the remaining part of the Danish hotel industry.

Many people today talk about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, but there are fewer who actually act on them. Our collaboration with Mater confirms that sustainably produced design does not have to compromise on quality or appearance. By choosing a design that is thoughtfully manufactured for the world, we can both get 800 luxurious conference chairs and help reduce the climate footprint, says Peter Høgh Pedersen, Managing Director at Villa Copenhagen, in a press release.

Besides the chairs being good for the marine environment, they have also saved a lot of CO2.

Ambition to be innovative
Since 2006, Mater has been the design industry's answer to quality furniture and durable Scandinavian aesthetics. But the ambition is far greater than simply creating Danish design with unique details.

I founded Mater to create innovative and sustainable alternatives in the furniture industry. The purpose is to look better on the globe, by creating more gentle production methods of design without compromising on quality. People have the right to know what they buy, what they support and how they can make a concrete difference through their purchase of design furniture. We hope to be able to focus on this in collaboration with Villa Copenhagen, says Henrik Marstrand, founder of Mater.

Villa Copenhagen is located in the old central post office building in Copenhagen from 1912.
The hotel will open its doors in April 2020 and will offer Denmark's most expensive suite.


Courtesy of (all rights reserved) - Photo credits: Mater - Author: Ditte Lunde

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