EFTTEX to build 'Wall of Shame'

29 Nov 2018
Author: EFTTA

Category: News,EFTTEX

Counterfeiting is rife within the fishing tackle industry and most companies have a story to tell about a product that they have designed, developed and patented being copied and turning up for sale across the world.


EFTTEX has always advised its exhibitors to be vigilant and has acted in the past when blatant rip-offs have appeared at the show.


This year it is taking its war against the counterfeiters one step further with its 'Wall of Shame'.


It is asking EFTTEX exhibitors and EFTTA members who have fallen foul of patent infringements to send it examples to be included on the newly introduced 'attraction'.


It is asking companies affected to send it the original product and the copy for display at the show.


EFTTEX Manager, Victoria Seymour, said: "Janet Doyle, the EFTTA General Manager, saw the Wall of Shame' at the Japan Fishing Show, which is organised by the country's fishing tackle trade association. It is a great way to highlight the problem of copyright infringement and shame the perpetrators."


Any companies interested in highlighting their experience of counterfeiting can contact Victoria at

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